Zelch 64 v1.7
Information Page

Released on 03/20/87


Some important offline changes here. Firstly, a program called the configurator has been written. This allows a BBS to be set up without navigating the editor and pouring over the docs to see what to change. The BBS also now appears as a single program, devoid of modules, which means the editor editor is gone. Also, the ability to change the keystrokes for the main menu, message maker, and message base has been added, as well as the ability to set a separate access level for all of these functions. So, while Zelch becomes less versatile by leaving the modularity behind, it becomes more so in another way.

I believe the program was made into one module so that it could be compiled, which it was.

The loader screen.

The ability to view, but not to reply to feedback has been added to the waiting for call screen.

The waiting for call screen.

The ability to clear a message has been added to the message maker.

Colons have been added to the message headers, and they look much better. The BBS also now saves the reply/post information immediately after a post or reply is made. The message editing menu is now accessed from the proper sig. This rounds out changes to the message bases.

The main menu.

New, even stranger noises are now made by the chat page.

The ability to change a user's access while they are online has been added.

Planet Ink. is first given credit in this version.

For the voting booth, a title has been added to votes.

Options to edit and reset the vote have been added to the SysOp menu.

That about covers it for this version!

If you find anything in here you have questions or comments about, free to leave me email right here.

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