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Below are examples of the marketing material that Commodore would make available to retailers and sometimes consumers for the purpose of encouraging them to purchase and sell Commodore products.

At the bottom, although only indirectly pertinent, is a small tribute to the several Commodore-dedicated periodicals.

Marketing Brochures

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This late 1982 brochure features the Commodore 64 and VIC-20, as well as the Max Machine, the CBM-II line, and some later PET models. The amazing and wonderous Commodore 64 is detailed in this 4 page brief. A late 1980 brochure featuring the VIC-20 and the numerous PET computers and peripherals. A brochure for educators encouraging them to involve Commodore in their schools.
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A marketing pamphlet for universities, touting the Commodore SP9000's educational prowess. The VIC-20 is the featured product in this brochure. An early 1980's view of the complete Commodore line. A features paper for the Commodore 128.
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Another SP9000 paper for educators. A brochure for the Commodore PC line. The Commodore Plus/4 is the focus of this brochure. The Amiga line of computers and peripherals.
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A brochure for the KIM-1 and its accessories. A C64 Brochure from Europe Miscellaneous Commodore/Amiga Brochures

Magazine Advertisements

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Commodore Corporate Advertisements Commodore 8-bit Advertisements Commodore Software Advertisements Commodore/Amiga Advertisements

TV Advertisements

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C64 competitors must catch up! C64 Outstanding New Product C64 Ask the computers Are you keeping up with the Commodore 64?
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C64 Friends knocking down the door! C64 has more memory C64 Family Pack Ad C64 - Buy four Ataris?
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C64 Eats Apple! C64 price comparison Vic-20 passes college boards Controls of a VIC-20
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VIC-20 games and goldfish VIC-20 gets you a job VIC-20 gets you a neighborhood VIC-20 is beyond pong
(Commodore Ad) (Commodore Ad) (Commodore Ad) (Commodore Ad)
VIC-20 is beyond pong II VIC-20 is a real computer VIC-20 gets you into college VIC-20 gets you a job

Commodore Radio Ads

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I adore my Commodore 64 (short) I adore my Commodore 64 I adore my Commodore 64 II (short) I adore my Commodore 64 II

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