Utilities every c64/128 user must have:

ACE 64/128

ACE is a UNIX-like operating system for the c64 and c128. Remarkably, its applications will work on either ACE kernel, making it a useful multi-platform OS. If you need a quick term program for swiftlink, you'll find it here.


ARC is the PkZip of the Commodore world. It compresses! It archives! Ok, its damn slow-- but it works! Its files, of course, end in the extension ".arc", and this program is required for uncompressing most of the others on this page.

ARK v2

Not a terribly common archiver, but its one of those "just in case" programs. Ark is roughly like LYNX, in that it is a file archiver that links the files together instead of copying them into the archive file.

Blitz 64/128

If you do any BASIC programming, then you need this classic p-code compiler. It's still being sold and supported if I recall, so check the classifieds if you don't have it.


One of the most popular terminal programs for the Commodore 64. Easy to use and configure. Not terribly powerful, but will get the job done.

CS-DOS 128

CS-DOS is a pseudo operating system for the Commodore 128 by Chris Smeets (author of ARC). CS-DOS contains ARC128, which will run in 80 column mode at 2mhz, which is why it is mentioned here.

Decomper v10.3

I've only had need of this de-archiver once or twice, and both recently. Where the "Comper" is, I have no idea, but this is the de-archiver.

Disk Doctor, Dir Edit

Some disk utilities you can't do without. Disk doctor is a standard and easy to use sector editor. It defaults to drive 8 but this can be changed in the first line of the program. Dir Edit supports the SFD drives, the 1541, 1571, and 1581 directories. It will hold enough entires for any of these drives, and is utterly simply to use.

Disk Filer 64

If you have a lot of disks, and tons of programs on them all, you need a good disk filenames archiver and this is it. Another product of Planet Ink.


EMUTIL will create and dissolve .D64 Commodore 64 emulator files. It will also create flat and compressed, single and multi-archive disk images of ANY disk drive you can hook up. Runs on a C64 or CBM PET. Another product of Planet Ink.

Fast Hack'em

Fast Hack'em is the fastest, most brutal, and most stable and effective file and disk nibbler ever made. Get it if you can. The 128 version also had a 1581 file copier that was fast as hell, but flaky.

GEOS 64 v2.0

If you do any artwork, any word processing, any desktop publishing, or just like a friendly face on your computer, GEOS is it. GEOS (for the 1 or 2 left on the planet who don't know), is the Graphics Environment Operating System by Berkely Softworks (now geoWorks). It is an entirely point and click MacIntosh-like operating system that will flawlessly take advantage of all the latest hardware. Click Here for information about this awesome OS.

GFX Transformer

Everone needs a good graphics converter to change a picture from one format to another-- and this one appears to be the mother of them all. I don't even recognize most of these formats-- but they are all there.

Unzip64, Unzip128

PkZip has become the de-facto compression standard on the internet, along with its UNIX counterpart GZIP. This great program from Errol Smith will take care of those archives for you.

Library v9.0

You don't see near as many library files as you used to, but in case you do, here is the packer/unpacker for it. Library files are uncompressed collections of files packed into a single archive for easier uploading/downloading.

Library 128 v1.3a

The 128 version and the above 64 version are by different people and are not compatible with each other. This program is by Greg Pfountz of Color 64 fame. His library program is easy to use, and necessary should you run into one of its products.

Little Red Reader/writer 128 v2.5

If you find yourself forced to put up with PCs on occassion, and use them to get your ftping done, you especially need this little utility for the Commodore 128. It will read from and write to MS-DOS formatted disks in a 1571, 1581, or CMD FD 3.5" drive.

LYNX XV, Ultimate Lynx 2, Ultimate Lynx 3

Lynx still enjoys very common usage as an archiving format. It is an uncompressed archiver like library, but unlike library, links its files together instead of copying them into the archive file. This means you can use it with a single drive more easily. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that no LYNX works with any other LYNX. Thus I've included all of the 64 versions I can make work for your enjoyment.

Meta-BASIC 64/128

Another must for BASIC programmers, Meta-BASIC was originally released in the old Compute's Gazette as a utility for BASIC programmers, and for my part has certainly become indespensible. Includes commands like "find" for hunting down particular commands in a large program, "renumber" for changing line numbering, "replace" for changing parts of a program wholesale, and "resave" to save a little typing during modifications.

ML Monitors

Here are a couple of machine language monitors for general usage by BASIC and machine language programmers who need to peek into memory on occassion. Includes one at $c000 and one at $2000.

Relative File Copier

Relative files, due to the odd way in which their directory entries are organized, are impossible to copy without special programs. This is one such program.

Sidplayer v10

Demos and SID music have been a beloved aspect of Commodore computing for years and years. Countless SID tunes can be gotten over the net, including this stereo or mono SID player provided here.

Ultra v5.5

How you can get 5 and a half versions out of a SEQ file reader I have no idea, but here it is! Includes printing options.

Ultimate Lynx 128

Lynx 128 is a awful looking half-done program, but as I mentioned before, most versions of LYNX will de-LYNX their own creations only, and this one is no exception. I've actually found LYNX files only de-archivable with this version, so it is definitely needed.


Zipcode is the one and only standard disk image archiver for the Commodore 64 and single sided 1541/71 floppies. Use this program to unzip them.


When programs are transferred over the internet via e-mail, they must first be converted to text so that the e-mail viewers and editors can handle them. This program will create and dissolve .uuencoded archives.


This file archiver has been gaining more frequent use on the internet due to its ability to handle GEOS file types. It's originally from LoadStar, and requires GUNZIP to extract the files.


Whether you are a Commodore 64, or a Commodore 128 user, you will appreciate this fantastic and full featured terminal program. It supports all the latest hardware, and the best features of all computers.

ZED 128 v7

Last but not least is the monster SEQ file editor for the Commodore 128. It will use every last stich of memory it can get its hands on, including REUs and video memory, giving it the largest text buffer available on our 8-bits.

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