The Fancy Introductory Screen

Not too long ago a Mr. Tom Gosser, publisher of CPU Magazine, email me about a new GEOS disk magazine he was starting up. Turns out he needed a magazine browser program for GEOS that would display geoWrite 2.X documents, a table of contents, and a fancy introductory screen.

A table of contents came next.

I jumped at it of course. Partly because I liked the idea of supporting a GEOS disk magazine, and partly because the project sounded so darned EASY. After all, I had just started on a new MOD file (for my geoModules project) that used code from my geoBrowser application to allow geoWrite files to be viewed from any window. Combine that with a simple dialog-based app, and walah!

And, of course, a geoWrite doc viewer.

Well, bugs in my new module plagued me for awhile, and the cosmetics never seemed to be right, but eventually a finished product was arrived at, hopefully arriving soon at your mailbox. Of course, there are numerous features yet to be added. Printing comes next, external program booting, and perhaps some new bells and whistles.

If you find anything in here you have questions or comments about, feel free to leave me email right here.

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