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geoPics - Desk Accessories

Another one of GEOS' strong points is its desk accessories. These are small application friendly programs which are able to bring themselves into memory, execute unobtrusively, and return to the host application without doing damage. Many of these little programs are games to play while one is working, or provide some small support tasks one might need while doing work on something else. Below are some of the best of these little programs.

The first desk accessory is the cornerstone of the deskTop's flexible user interface: the Preference Manager. This DA allows the user to change the colors on the desktop with a simple click. Even the pointer graphic can be edited from within, even down to changing it's color. As you can see, the time and date are also changable from within Preference Manager.

The most often used desk accessory for a programmer is this little darlin'. It comes stock with GEOS and is a simple calculator. It pops on and off your screen whenever you need it.

Another often used program is the notepad, which also comes stock with GEOS v2.0. When working on something and you need a place to jot down an extraneous thought, this little program sure does come in handy. It's also great for putting down program usage notes one might forget after a span of disuse.

Almost a full application in its own right, geoDex is a full featured rolodex program for keeping track of friends and family, addresses and phone numbers, and even small comments. It includes printing, and even telephony capabilities!.

The calender is a great little program for those of you who have busy schedules. It instantly pops up to the current month and day, allowing you to enter a page of notes for as many days as you please. It's hard to forget birthdays if you consult this little program often.

Some of my favorite desk accessories are those little applets that tinker with the screen. The first one is called Meltdown, and emulates a popular feature found on some of the old Macintosh deskTops. What the program does is self explanatory from the picture.

The last desk accessory is much like meltdown, in that is serves no useful purpose other than entertainment. Your screen is slowly devoured as larger and larger holes appear on your deskTop. Thus the name: Termites!

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