geoDiskFiler v1.2

1.0 Released on LoadStar Issue #130
Updated in 2009 for Wheels 4.4

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The GEOS Disk Filer was my first attempt at GEOS programming. Armed only with a scant knowledge of ML and the GEOS Technical Reference Manual, I dived into my favorite pass-time: application writing. With this history in mind, I present you "geoDiskFiler"!

I was so pleased with the results when it was done that I decided to send it off to LoadStar, thus beginning my relationship with those good folks. It was published in LoadStar Issue #130, along with the complete documentation I had sent them.

GEOS Disk Filer is a program designed to help Commodore users who are still (for the most part) floppy disk users keep track of all their programs in a database specialized for this purpose.

Like other programs of its type, it includes the ability to read filenames off of a disk, or enter filenames by hand. The advantage of using geoDiskFiler over other programs was that my program can handle GEOS filenames as well as regular CBM filenames.

Users may also sort their filenames, edit the filenames entered, or remove filenames from the list. An ID number identifies each file as belonging to a particular disk, or whatever purpose one would want to use the ID for.

The latest version had some Wheels hooks poked in for native directories.

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