ras4c64net 1.0

Released as freeware in 2020

Download ras4C64NET 1.0
* Requires a C-64 Net WiFi Modem. Read docs for others.

In 2017, my Commodore club decided to do a Commodore 64 WIFI modem based around the ESP8266 microcontrollers. I chose to contribute both the firmware, and 8-bit applications for native C64, VIC, and C128. Once that was done, I turned to GEOS to see if I couldn't give it some "C64-Net WIFI' love.

It's a Printer Driver, what do you expect?

After "geoTELNET", and "geoCBMTerm", I decided to add the ability to print to CUPs servers to the modem firmware. Once the firmware supported the IPP protocol, I turned to writing a GEOS driver for it.

The result is ras4c64net, and the name says it all: the drivers converts your GEOS document into a RAS image at print-time, and then transmits it to the C64Net WiFi modem at 4800bps, which is technically faster than normal IEC serial printing.

Some sample printouts (B&W only right now)

Revision Notes:
Mar 2020: Version 1.0 is released.

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