geoTelnet v1.3

Released as freeware in 2018

Download geoTelnet 1.3 (includes source)
* Requires C-64 Net WiFi Modem or equivalent with Zimodem firmware.

In 2017, my Commodore club decided to do a Commodore 64 WIFI modem based around the ESP8266 microcontrollers. I chose to contribute both the firmware, and 8-bit applications for native C64, VIC, and C128. Once that was done, I turned to GEOS to see if I couldn't give it some "C64-Net WIFI' love.

Full ANSI colors and codes

The first result was "geoTELNET", a full featured TELNET client for 40-column GEOS, Wheels, etc. The client supports the important TELNET codes directly, allowing you to remotely log into systems that support it and issue commands. It supports a standard ASCII terminal, but also supports ANSI fully enough to use complex applications remotely, such as VI, LYNX, TOP, and others. The client has auto-echo and buffering features for users with a free Ram Expansion bank. All this in a simulated 80 column screen, with "close enough" color matching to make it usable.


geoTELNET also supports the X-Modem file transfer protocol, allowing you to upload and download binary files from and to the remote host. Both Checksum and CRC X-Modem are supported.

Quick Dialer and Phone Book.

To connect to a remote host, a quick-connect window can be used to enter the host name and port. In order to keep track of your favorite remote host addresses, a "Phone Book" feature is also available.

Revision Notes:
Jan 2018: Version 1.0 is in limited release, leading to lots of bug fixes.
Jan 2018: Version 1.1 Those bug fixes. X-Modem added.
Feb 2018: Version 1.3 Buffering feature added.

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