The Adventures of the New Party:

The Setting

We are located in Bo's world, in the Kingdom of Paran. We are part of the Kauth tribes, under Lord Gunther. Almost all of the half-elves in this region are his children. He is a notorious for being a slave trader, particularly that of elves, which he captures from the forest a few miles north of his Keep. The elves of course don't appreciate their brethren being taken from their land and then sold as slaves or kept as a concubine for Gunther (hence where all the half-elves come from). Gunther's Keep is a War Academy, used by all the people of Kauth to train their young into warriors. The people of Kauth are at war with the Ralsolphs to the South. They always have to worry about the Orc-kin and Goblinoids from the west, and Gunther must worry about the elves to the north.

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In the Beginning

The party started out with five characters: Tiberius, Lynx, Fesic (me), Dhayne, and Mr. Amnesia. Everyone but Mr. Amnesia were friends from Gunther's Keep. They had been exploring the country, visiting other houses, and working up quite a big gambling debt. This debt was what brought them all together with Mr. Amnesia in the jail of a neighboring house. We were given the option of choosing someone to take the blame for the debt, and that person would be hung as payment for the money they owed the gambling house. Of course none of us volunteered to be executed so we tried to make a jail break. Unarmed but outnumbering the guards we were able to get out of the jail, and into a storage room where we found all of our belongings. Tiberius proceeded out of that room and entered a barracks, with about 10 sleeping guards. He went up the stairs and found a trap door above him and he started to open it. Gravity helped it on the second half of the doors trip, making a loud *BANG* when it struck the floor. This woke the guards, so I busted through our door, threw a couple daggers at the guards I could see, killed one and nearly killed another. Then I drew my sword and another dagger and proceeded to Ginsu a couple more guards... I was expecting some backup but very little came... in the form of a Greek fire that missed it's target and some of it splashed on me. But the next round the remaining 6 guards Ginsued me. Meanwhile, the rest of the party followed Tiberius up the stairs and proceeded out of the complex.

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Malyus and the Tree

The party fled toward their home of Gunther's Keep. As they were crossing the hilly grasslands of Kauth they spotted a lone tree with a Big Burly Man with a Great Axe hacking at the tree. As they approached they noticed a dead horse, a few skeletons, and a dead orc next to the tree. There were a few wood chips strewn about the ground, yet it seemed that the tree should have been down by now with the ferocity the man was using with the axe. Lynx also noticed a figure on the top of another hill, and he went to investigate. As Lynx approached the figure, the figure moved away... fearing the unknown. But Lynx was able to finally convince the cloaked figure that he meant no harm, and just wanted to talk. So the cloaked figure introduced himself as Malyus (me), wizard apprentice of Master Dilherst at Gunther's Keep. And that he was traveling with the man hacking at the tree. When Axeman and I came to this clearing, the Axeman spotted the orc with the axe hacking at the tree. So he went to find out why the Orc was doing it... as he approached he became entranced and he wanted to do nothing but hack the tree. So he killed the orc, grabbed the axe, and started chopping. He had been constantly chopping for half a day. Meanwhile the rest of the party tried to get the Axeman's attention... which was a mistake since he viewed them as people trying to stop him from chopping the tree, so he tried to chop them. They were able to get away from him. They kept trying to somehow subdue the Axeman and get his Axe from him, but as they were trying it they got too close and started to walk to the axe to start chopping themselves. After many hours they were able to get the axe away from the man, but none was ever brave enough to touch it, fearing that they might be drawn to the tree. So we dug a hole and dragged the axe by a rope into the pit and buried it.

That night during someone else's watch, there was some evil giggling heard from the sky, and out of nowhere down swooped a Gremlin and snatched up my backpack. I tried to kill it with a magic missile, but it didn't even come close. It fled into the night, but it, like the Axeman and members of the party it was drawn to the tree. It got stuck in the tree, but still aware. It proceeded to search my backpack, and it got startled by the skeletal cats looking at him. He threw them out of the backpack and they land on the ground. We started to attack the Gremlin with arrows, but it flew away to the west. We started to follow the Gremlin, but now my true identity was out. I wasn't just a normal apprentice; I was a necromantic apprentice.

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The Undead City

Chasing the Gremlin caused us to wander upon a city in ruins. As expected we entered the city. Inside a stable, Tiberius was attacked by a giant spider and was poisoned, luckily he made his saving throw, otherwise we would have lost another character. Unfortunately he was debilitated for the rest of this adventure. We came upon an inn and there actually was an innkeeper, who didn't have a tongue. Some of the party decided to rent a room to put Tiberius in to rest. And Mr. Amnesia was set to guard him. Lynx and I had explored another part and spotted what appeared to be a wedding precession heading into a church. We then started to look for the rest of the party and inform them that we have spotted people, and as we got to the inn we spotted undead people, zombies. Being a Necromancer I was happy, and I used my command undead ability to gain control of them, and some more later in a small house just outside the inn. Regrouped and with a few new "allies" we proceeded to the church.

Upon entering the church we saw the wedding going on and my backpack upon an altar beyond the wedding couple. The priest left the altar and began to walk towards the back of the church, and disappeared through a door. We began to speak with them, telling them that all we wanted were my possessions back. The bride said that I could go up there and get it. As I rounded the wedding party and am about to get to my backpack I notice that the groom is a statue, and the bride was removing her veil so she can see me, and more specifically so I could see her. And unfortunately I eventually got a good look into her eyes and become just like the groom, solid as a rock. But my undead are engaged with her undead, and Lynx and Mr. Amnesia proceed to attack the Medusa with their eyes closed, and Dhayne runs in terror and heads to the Inn to get Tiberius. The Medusa is killed and they proceeded through the door leading into the Priest's chamber. It is empty of any life, but a chest was found with a couple potions. One of which was an oil of stone to flesh. So back to normal I memorize some spells while we are deciding what to do. Dhayne returns to the church with Tiberius. We thought our best plan of action was to leave this city, so we started to leave the church, only to find out that there are about 60 zombies waiting outside with the priest/innkeeper. I had about nine zombies under my control now, and the priest had 60... for now. He said we can leave if we paid him 200gp, and then he added the clause that Dhayne must stay also. She didn't agree to the latter option so we decided to fight our way out. Dhayne and I proceeded to steal his undead from him, while Lynx and Mr. Amnesia killed other zombies. The priest, which is really a hecuva, a former cleric that has been smited by his god and turned into an undead priest, fled during the melee and we didn't notice where it went. So we left the city with an army of darkness.

Unaware of our whereabouts, we headed northwest and came across a small village. Leaving the undead outside the village, we entered and started to look for clues as to where we were. We found out that a band of Orcs was rumored to be around this region, and the village needed help from a Priest in the forest who has defeated Orcs in the past. This priest is a former priest at Gunther's Keep, and he has stolen a powerful magic item from Gunther. It was Dhayne's quest to retrieve this item for Gunther, so we offered to go get the priest for the village... for a fee of course. The village paid us what they could, and we headed off in search of the priest.

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One Tooth and The Amulet

Off we went into the forest, following the directions from the villagers as best we can. The first night, we camped by a creek, and during the night two huge owlbears attacked us. They ended up becoming my new pets as I animated both of them as skeletal owlbears. Dhayne decided it was time to play a trick on me, and she controlled the first one, and used it to poke me for the rest of the night. We continued our trek through the woods and someone noticed something in the trees... it was an orcish army. They were all terrified of something, and they wouldn't come down. Tiberius began to try to rally the orcs in an attempt to lead them into battle against the priest who scared them into the trees. Shortly there after they were once again scared into the trees. Then we met the Orc Chieftain who has been terrorizing the countryside - One Tooth, whom we nicknamed Snaggletooth. The orcs were once again rallied, and once again terrorized. Tiberius acquired One Tooth's Banner, and used it many times in other adventures.

We finally found the small church in the forest, and as we approached we were greeted by two knights wearing silver platemail. We informed them of the villager's need for help, and we were allowed to see the priest, Strausser. He informed us that our services were no longer needed, but we told him that the village still owed us a reward if we brought him to the village. He insisted that we stay here until his return. Someone then asked if all of us could stay, and at that time the two knights informed the priest of me and my "pets" outside. The priest charged out of the church, with his holy symbol in hand and destroyed my two new owlbears. He then proceeded to tell us that we should leave this place as fast as possible, for fear that we receive the same fate as those undead. So we left the church and started to head back towards the orcs. They were still cowering in the trees, and Dhayne the Pyromaniac decided that she was tired of them hiding in the trees so she lit the trees on fire. This prompted us to leave the forest as soon as possible. Our destination was still Gunther's Keep to the northeast, so we exited the forest to the east.

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Voyage Home

With the forest burning, and us safely out in the plains we decided to start heading north. Just as we were about to make camp, a group of three young humans on horseback approached us and wished to sleep with us, since they believed that it's safer to sleep with others. During the night we were attacked by a pack of wolves. We dispatched four of them and the remaining two fled to the northwest. However, one of the three youngsters was killed by a wolf. When I woke up, I make three new pets to replace the ones I had just lost. We also agreed to escort the three youngsters to Gunther's Keep, they were heading there to be trained at the Academy, for a small fee of course.

We decided to try to take a shortcut through a forest to get to Gunther's Keep faster. When we entered the forest, we kept seeing someone further up the trail, but whenever we thought we were about to catch it, it seemed to disappear. Shortly after entering the woods, Dhayne and Mr. Amnesia position themselves to attack the two remaining youngsters. They attacked them and the youngsters died almost immediately. We eventually came across a small wall made of brambles. The Pyromaniac started another fire, this time it wasn't the whole forest, just the wall of brambles. This allowed the Quickling to cast it's Fire Charm, which worked on a couple of the characters. And they started to walk towards the fire. Luckily they were stopped by the rest of the group from entering the fire. Once the fire was extinguished, we entered the complex, finding two giant mushrooms, brambles, a small door into one of the mushrooms, and jewelry suspended in spider web. We caused much destruction to the Quicklings home, and made him bring us all his treasure before we totally destroy his home. We then left his home, and exited the forest to the north.

As we took off the next morning, we were somehow summoned to a distant place. Into a room full of goblins and a human female wearing robes. She commanded us to attack the creatures and we did as ordered. I fell in combat (having a maximum of 6hp), and after combat she healed me and paid us each with a small opal. We were then returned back to the plains.

We finally made it back to Gunther's Keep, and we informed our appropriate masters about our situation. We were ordered to appear before Lord Gunther to discuss what he has planned for us. We told him about our adventures to the Undead City, then of our defeat of One Tooth, we do have his banner after all, and of our failure to retrieve the amulet from the priest. He wanted us to go back to the Undead City, because he believed it's the town that holds a legendary weapon, the Windsword. But before we ventured out there, he wanted us to make a little Scouting Expedition.

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