The History of my AD&D adventures:

In the beginning

It all started back in Bastrop when my brother started playing AD&D with some of his friends from school. And it started to spark interest in me and my friends. So my brother decided to start being a DM. We went through many home made, and many stock adventures: Temple of Elemental Evil, Desert of Desolation, and there were plans to go through Bloodstone, but we stopped playing when there ended up being only two regular characters to show up (Jorge and me), and we were controlling too many NPCs.

The College party

Then I went to college at Southwest Texas State University, and met Bo in one of our many Computer Science courses... I believe it was my second semester in my first C programming class. I think it took us a while to find out about each others interest in AD&D, but we finally got enough people interested in it and we started to play.

Our Dungeon Master is the infamous Bo. We are playing on his own world.

The mage was the mighty, and destructive to peoples stature (I'll explain this later), Lisern.

Thaos did Good, and made sure we all did Good!!! He quit school for a while, so the DM finally made him a NPC (with a 4 intelligence).

Solon, the son of a noble, liked to turn into a Griffin and nibble on peoples fingers when they stick them in his mouth. He used to be Eremon Longwalker, but we kinda... forced him to leave. Solon came back as a psionicist.

Aiden was a Bard of sorts... He was too busy to play with us near the end of our college life, so he went off to take some singing lessons :). And now he is in the Army.

Tedra the Amazon... Nuff said.

Algaranna was the newest member of our party. We found her as a sailor on a ship we were traveling on. She was yet another noble... and an elf to boot.


And last but certainly not least (except in stature... *CRY*) was me, Cadderly. Ok, when I started out I was a 6'6" human cleric, wearing platemail. On the adventure that we met Algaranna, our ship was going to be taken by the city guards and used against our nation in a war. We decided to save the ship, this is where Solon first ate someone's finger. I cast hold person on the leader of the city guards, and the battle was going well... Then Lisern cast Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, and it polymorphed ME into a 3'9" Dwarf, wearing 6'6" platemail. So I waddled around the boat for awhile, Solon got captured by some of the guard. So I ran up to him (in the breastplate and a Big Blue Hat) and said, 'My Liege, the King has called for your presence immediately.' The guards didn't buy it, so I quaffed a full potion of Growth. So I became a 27'9" Dwarf in a breastplate and BIG Blue Hat. Needless to say, I scared all the guards away, and nearly sunk the ship (27'9" dwarves are fairly heavy I guess). So now, not only do I get called Chadderly, but I also get insulted because I'm vertically challenged.

But that was the early '90s...

The chronicles of our adventures awaits you here: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6.

And now most of the original party has moved to Austin, and for the past year or so we have started to play again. The party started out with five people, Jorge (Tiberius), Tyra (Dhayne), Mike (Lynx), Mike #2 (Amnesic Thief), and myself (Fesik). During the first adventure I died, thus Malyus was born. The party consists of four people now, but it's a different group. The current group consists of Ahlara, Blurp, Greggor, and Malyus.


Tyra started out as a Half-elf Cleric, this being her first time as a Cleric, she didn't know what to do with her starting Statistics... so she didn't get many bonus spells. And the religion system in Bo's world needs a little work to make Cleric more appealing. She ended up dying in the same adventure that Tiberius drank from the fountain. She has since remade her character as a Fighter, named Ahlara. She seems more comfortable playing a fighter, since she's played them in the past. When we converted over to 3rd Ed., we converted her character into a Barbarian.


Tyra introduced us to one of her friends shortly before Tiberius' fountain fiasco. And that's her other DM that doesn't feel like DMing at the moment. He is Tim, a.k.a. Blurp the Kobold. When Blurp first showed up, almost all of us wanted to KILL him, but we decided not to on many occasions... and I just found out that he wanted to kill some of us... specifically Tiberius and myself. Blurp and I have reconciled our differences and have become more loyal to each other. Prior to our last adventure, Blurp decided to put his Chairoteering skill to some use, so he had a chariot constructed, and purchased a war dog to pull it. Having leatherworking, I constructed some leather barding for his dog. The dog has since died, and Malyus' Skeletal Wolves have been pulling it ever since. On our mission to recover the Windsword, Blurp met a group of thieves and he joined their guild. Per Blurp's request, Malyus has designed a new chariot for Blurp out of the head of a winter wolf. Sorry about this image Blurp, I found the dirtiest, foulest, ugliest picture there, and I don't think I did you justice.


Tim started to bring Hojo along for gaming quite a while ago, but it wasn't until we completed the Veggie Tower that he had his own character to play with. Greggor is a Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, and Duelist. His job is to get in the middle of the enemy, and then go into a defensive posture. He has become a better fighter, and now he can actually fight while doing a "turtle" maneuver

Malyus at Night

And then there is me... Before I died the first time (no there isn't a second time... yet) I was a Half-elf Fighter/Cleric that got his butt waxed when surrounded by about 6 guards, and the rest of his party, except Mike #2, fled. Mike #2 stayed around long enough to throw a Greek fire at the guards, before he saw me fall and then he proceeded to flee with the rest of the party. I have remade as a Human Necromancer named Malyus. I was planning on hiding the fact that I was a Necromancer for as long as possible, but during our first encounter a Gremlin stole my backpack and then got caught in a tree. He proceeded to examine my backpack and found two skeletal cats in there and he threw them out... so there goes my attempt at a cover. I have since then animated Skeletal Wolves, Skeletal Owlbears, a Skinless Zombie Deer, Zombie Razor Beaked Birds, Skeletal Chickens, Giant Zombie Lizard, Skeletal Raptors, and Sparkie, the Skeletal T-Rex. And I bring Sparkie along without worry of my appearance anymore. I also had a little drinking problem with the fountain. My Dex went up to a 17 from an 11, my Int went up to a 23 from an 18, my max hp went up to 13 from 6, and my Wis went down to a 13 from a 16.

The Dead and the Departed...

Jorge is a Human Warrior named Tiberius, who likes to use two hand axes as his choice of weapons. During one of our last adventures he drank from a magical fountain and has ungodly characteristics now: Str 19, Dex 21, Con 18. But he has decided that other things are more important in his life than playing AD&D on Fridays, so he has left the group. His character tried to become a King, and he was for about a day when he killed a Hobgoblin King and the other hobgoblins followed him. But they betrayed us during the night, so we tortured them to death. He also had deluded aspirations of becoming a god...


Mike #1, is a Swashbuckler named Lynx using two rapiers to slice and dice his way through the opposition, but his real life persona decided AD&D wasn't worth his time, so he became an NPC. His character left the group after the Magic Mirror journey.

Mangra using his psionics

Mike #2, was a thief with Amnesia... So we gave him a different name each time we played :). He didn't like his character and it finally died trying to open a trapped chest, a dart shot out and hit him in the head; Tiberius, fearing that the poison would spread to the rest of his body, grabbed the Hobgoblin King's Axe and beheaded him. Mike didn't show up much near the end of that character's life because work kept him out of town all the time. But he has since showed back up as a Psionicist named Mangra, who thinks he has a gift from a God, and must kill people to replenish his powers. Mike was very excited about playing his new character, thinking that it will be his favorite character of all time. But his work load has risen greatly so he doesn't show up anymore. RIP And now that Mangra's spinal cord is severed into three pieces, I doubt he will return.


Mike #1 brought a guy named Pat over one time, and he made up a Fighter named Toric. Toric joined us as a Mercenary on the Scouting Expedition. His work schedule changed, as expected, so he wasn't able to show up on Fridays anymore. RIP And during the Second Summoning, he got out numbered, by Hobgoblins and Bugbears, and he died.


When Tyra remade her character, we added another character. This was Lori, playing a human cleric named Krytir. She usually plays a mage, but since we already had one, and we didn't have a Cleric anymore... she chose to be something different. She was unsure how she will react to Mike #2's psionicist. With him believing in a false god. But since her god believes in senseless killing, I don't see any problem there. She also reworked the Religion section of Bo's world. She expanded upon it, adding more gods, which cover a more diverse area of people.


Reiko Benat is Lori's newest character. She is fighter from a noble family. She wields a two-bladed sword, and is very deadly with it. She is very proper and believes her looks can get her anywhere, and if they can't she can always back them up with her fighting ability. She joined us on our journey to find Gunther in Maltan. Lori left the group again, so Reiko went back to her homeland.


Cerberus was played by Rusty. He played Aiden in our college days. Since he was back in Texas, and wanted to play, he joined back up. His character is one of Ahlara's many brothers, his initial mission was to inform us of Gunther's dealings with the King of Paran and the orcs. We met him while were were stuck in the Mirror. And he is currently back as a scout in Guther's army.


Morrtar was played by my brother Mike #3. He was a dwarven fighter/cleric. He didn't get along with anyone in Gunther's army, so Captain Phillip asked us to take him with us, since we don't get along with most people also. RIP He was killed by the Shocker Lizards of the Veggie Temple

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Images taken from Baldur's Gate.