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We retired the previous party, and created new characters and added two new players. So the group now consists of Will (the new guy), J.D. (the other new guy), Hojo, Tim, Bo, and myself. When the characters were created the party did not look very balanced, we had one fighter and three rogues. But one rogues went to cleric, another went to sorceror, and the third is a fighter/rogue. Tim has a web site that describes all of the d20 skills


Will created Heian and had intentions of becoming a great swordsman. He was proficient in the bastard sword, and preferred to wield it in two hands. He was working towards being a master swordsman as he pursued the path of the Master Samuri... However, he died against a Hill Giant. So he recreated a new character named Zen Yuan Shany, and he is a Zenythri Monk.


Solomanius is JD's character, and he is a Human Ranger/Fighter. He usually wields two weapons, but occasionally uses a Dwarven War Axe with two hands. He is a member of the Civus Protectorate, a group of warriors that act as the police force in the Itantan Islands.


Marcus Greenbottle is the wiser of the Greenbottle brothers. He is always on his toes when it comes to his brother Welby, because his brother has always tried to persuade him to do things that Welby didn't want to do. Marcus has found his calling with the great god Alram, and he has been given all rights as a Sword of Alram (an adventuring cleric). Marcus and Welby are a breed of Halfling that was born and raised on "rafts" that float out on the ocean. When they came of age, the decided to explore the land together.


Welby Greenbottle is the more charming of the Greenbottle brothers. He usually gets what he wants, but Marcus has learned all of Welby's tricks over their many years together. Welby discovered that he had a way with Magic, and began learning of his inner powers as a sorceror.


Oelwyn grew up with his father in the woods on one of the many Itantan Islands. He is an expert archer from his many years of defending their home from wild animals. He also learned a thing or two about setting and disarming traps while catching small animals for dinner.

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Images taken from Baldur's Gate.