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  Date Update  
  • The adventure leads to Dwarven Mines, lost in ages past.
  • The party is then Shipwrecked.
  • And then they learn about Pirate activity.
  • Along with an outline for the rest of the adventures starting at Southern Trading.
  • The New Party begins it's journey.
  • The Circus is in Town.
  • The Seige of Paran begins the ending of a Kingdom.
  • Assaulting Paran follows suit.
  • The Downfall of Paran completes the Paranian Kingdom.
  • And finally an Epilogue wraps up our adventures
  • Hermit and the Frog is complete.
  • We were In Search of a Dragon after the Hermit
  • Added a short story that summarizes our adventures written by Bo.
  • Finished the summary of the Veggie Temple.
  • Started page 6 of the Chronicles, but it needs a lot more info.
  • Added Greggor's character sheet...
  • I also migrated the characters to 3rd Edition. I'm missing some information though.
  • Site is Relaunched on Zimmers.net.
  • Started description of the Veggie Temple.
  • Added Greggor to the character page... not sure if that is how it is spelled.
  • Is Gunther the new Autarch?.
  • Where is Master Dilherst?.
  • Added Reiko to the character page.
  • Added Morrtar to the character page.
  • Happy New Millenium
  • I would like to apologize to all my loyal readers, all three of you...
  • But I finally did an update entitled, Mirror Mirror on the Wall.
  • Added Cerberus to the character page.
  • We have been Exiled temporarily from Gunther's camp.
  • Been a while since I've updated the site (again), but this time it is because we didn't play.
  • Added Blurp's Challenge to another page of Chronicles.
  • Been a while since I've updated the site. Lot more responsibilities at work.
  • Added Malyus' Amulet and Krytir's Chaos.
  • Added even more information to Siege Warfare.
  • Added some more information to Siege Warfare.
  • Are you ready for some Siege Warfare?
  • No AD&D last week, but I added a new section to the site. Degeneration-X.
  • Our journey brought us to a Dark City.
  • Well, it is the year 2000, and our first gaming session was a bust.
  • But at least I didn't have to go to work on New Years.
  • I added a little info to A King's Quest about our preparations.
  • Well, we haven't played for awhile and we won't be playing this Friday either. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and is going to have a safe New Year's Eve. I sure hope I don't have to go to work at 12:05 am.
  • I had surgery on the 17th, and I'm doing fine.
  • Finally was able to get on my ftp site... and the entire site was deleted.
  • Lemme know if you find any broken links.
  • A King's Quest began a new age of our adventure.
  • The Crowning of a King has put a conclusion to a long story line.
  • Well it has been three weeks, and Finally there is an update.
  • First it was a going away party, then it was Ren Fest, and next week is Thanksgiving?
  • Our journey now take us to Mangra's Travels.
  • In the spirit of Halloween, and cause it seemed appropriate, I added Trick or Treat.
  • Also added a partial Spell Book for Malyus.
  • Updated a few of the Characters Sheets.
  • Concluded the Return of the Undead.
  • Added more to the Return of the Undead.
  • Added Return of the Undead.
  • We didn't play last week, because the DM went to Chicago for a Commodore Convention.
  • Added a small section to Blurp's Dirt about Blurp gaining thieving abilities.
  • Added Sample Races to the MUD site.
  • Added Blurp's Dirt to the chronicles.
  • Added more skills and spells to MUD idea list.
  • Added/Modified more spell code.
  • Added last weeks adventures as Impin' Ain't Easy.
  • Well, we didn't play two weeks ago, so that's why there wasn't an update until now.
  • Added last weeks adventure to the Looking For A Ride section of Page 3.
  • Moved DND site to my ISP.
  • Moved MUD site to different directory and added link to it on the main page.
  • Once again I had Mon. and Tue. off... though this time it was to go gaming from Sat. thru Tue, in Bastrop.
  • Started Page 3 of the chronicles, containing Looking For A Ride.
  • Sorry it took so long to update last weeks adventure, but I had Mon. and Tue. off.
  • Completed The Rescue on the chronicles.
  • Split Chronicles page into two pages for faster load times. Click here for Page 1 and Page 2.
  • Added the beginning of The Rescue to the chronicles.
  • Corectted al da speelin' and gramer mis-takes eye coud find.
  • Modified Font Face and Size.
  • Modified Character Sheets.
  • Changed color scheme of entire site to the Black and Rust hues.
  • Framed version of site removed.
  • Added aftermath of Ornin Carl's adventure at Gunther's Keep to the Chronicles.
  • Added more detail to some of the Chronicles.
  • Added comical comments by Fyrentennimar at end of the Second Summoning.
  • Added more hyperlinks to link different parts of the story together.
  • Added Toric to the AD&D page.
  • Added this page.
  • Added alt tag for images that link to Character Sheets.
  • Added framed versions of AD&D and Chronicles pages.
  • Added Character Images to Character Sheets.
  • Used Character Generator v1.3 :) to create Character Sheets (3.5 megs).
  • Added future thoughts to Chronicles page.
  • Added Chronicles page.
  • Added Character Images to AD&D page.
  • Site goes online thanks to Zimmers.net.
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